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Palace Residents

Palace Residents

There are four families who live on site. Three live in The Palace: the Bishop; the Palace Pastor, Rosey Lunn who will be living on site part-time; and, the Senior Gardener, Aron, and his partner.  Britney, who works in the Bishop’s Table, lives in the Gatehouse.

And, of course, the most important resident is The Palace cat, Maisie! In the past she has played a role in keeping down the rodent population in the grounds, delighting in offering up her ‘kills’ as presents. Nowadays, she spends most of her day asleep in the Brewery office, choosing office chairs to snooze on in preference to her basket, but is occasionally found out and about, particularly around the outdoor café seating. Sometimes she enjoys people making a fuss of her but that’s very much on her own terms so don’t always expect a welcome if you go to give her a stroke!





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