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Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision, Mission & Objectives

As a charitable organisation our aim is to protect The Bishop’s Palace for future generations to enjoy.

Our Vision

The Bishop’s Palace - protected forever; treasured by all.

Our Mission

To conserve The Bishop’s Palace for future generations; welcoming all who seek a place of beauty, reflection and enjoyment.

What we value

  • Our unique site and heritage
  • Our local community, supporters and visitors
  • The spiritual nature of the site
  • Our relationship with the Bishop and his ministry
  • Our warm, hospitable and engaging welcome
  • The quality of our offer
  • Our staff and volunteers
  • Our environmental impact

Strategic Objectives

These are as follows:

  • Reach more, and a wider range of, people.
  • Be a national beacon for community engagement and wellbeing 
  • Realise the next phase of The Bishop Palace’s development
  • Invest in a sustainable future
  • Become a centre of excellence in the field of horticulture


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